Garbage Disposal


Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

Garbage disposals are a popular household convenience, but jammed or clogged garbage disposals can become a huge plumbing problem quickly. Circle City Plumbing And Drain professionals are able to provide garbage disposal services including residential garbage disposal installation, garbage disposal repair, and clearing clogged garbage disposals. Commercial garbage disposal services are also available.

If you have a garbage disposal, it is vital that the unit and garbage disposal plumbing are in good working order to prevent kitchen drain clogs or backups. Garbage disposals can be damaged if non-food objects like silverware, sponges, or straws end up in the appliance. Garbage disposal clogs can be caused by food items like fats or grease, bones, or highly fibrous foods like celery.


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Whats Wrong With My Disposal ?

Most garbage disposals are built to last about 5-10 years depending on the quality of the unit you have.  That being said, there are really only two things that could go wrong with your garbage disposal. 

  • Garbage Disposal Leaks

If your garbage disposal has a leak, there's not really much that can be done, once the bearings get old and leak, or the metal rusts and gets holes, none of these situations can be fixed by a plumber.  Sometimes the leak comes from a loose connection or bad rubber washer, in these cases a plumber can usually get the part replaced and stop the leak.

  • Garbage Disposal Jamming

If your garbage disposal is jamming, you will notice that one of two things happen.  You'll turn on the switch and hear a soft humming sound, but no loud grinding sound.  If you leave the switch on too long, then the motor will overheat and trip a protective device which is used to keep the motor from overheating.  As long as you call a plumber quickly, the issue is usually repairable, however if you leave it for several weeks, the metal components will rust closed and it may not be possible to restore your garbage disposer to normal functioning.

What Size Do I Need?

The size of a garbage disposer is determined by the Horse Power of the motor.  These sizes, in order from smallest motor size to the largest  are:

  • 1/3 HP

  • 1/2 HP

  • 5/8 HP

  • 3/4 HP

  • 1 HP

Years of experience have taught us plumbers that size does matter.  We don't often recommend using 1/3 HP disposers for your home.  This size is really reserved for apartments where budgets are the priority and there is usually an on staff maintenance crew available to handle jamming.  

We usually recommend anywhere between 1/2-3/4 HP as these sizes will handle almost anything and still be reliable. 

Spend a little money here, this part of the kitchen gets used quite a lot and upgrading horse power, or switching to a Stainless Steel Garbage Disposer is well worth the money.